Review: Pacific Play Tents Lil Nursery Tent

Babies cannot tell you when they are burning in the sun, or when they need to cool down. This has resulted in a huge increase in the number of play tents selling across the country. The Pacific Play Tents Lil Nursery Tent is one such tent that has proved popular with parents. Brightly colored and fashionably designed, the Lil Nursery Tent uses mesh sides to allow constant airflow through the tent, while the tent itself is durable and sun resistant, having been UV treated and boasting an SPF 30 rating. The Lil Nursery protects your little ones while giving them their own play space in which you can easily observe them through the mesh sides. Protected and in sight. Features Of Pacific Play Tents Lil Nursery Tent * Suitable for 6 months to 2 years, * Bright, multi colored tent, * SPF 30, * Mesh design allows constant ventilation, * Waterproof polyethylene floor, * Includes carry bag. Is The Pacific Play Tents Lil Nursery Tent Worth Buying? Any parent who spends time in the outdoors under the sun with their babies and young children should consider investing in a UV resistant tent. The Pacific Play Lil Nursery Tent is impressively designed and extremely well made, considering the affordable price. The bright colors make it attractive to children, and set up is extremely easy. The Lil Nursery Tent can be set up in minutes, and even comes with a handy carry bag for simple transportation. The tent is surprisingly durable for something that costs less than $30, while the waterproof polyethylene floor makes clean up a very simple affair. What is most appealing to parents about the Lil Nursery Tent is the protection and shelter it provides their children. The SPF rating of 30 is extremely welcome, and gives worried moms and dads peace of mind when out in the sun. The mesh design on the side panels is also a fantastic feature, as parents can not only observe what their children are doing inside the tent, but also relax safe in the knowledge that the mesh is providing a constant airflow through the tent, keeping baby cool and ventilated. As children grow older, the Pacific Play Tents Lil Nursery Tent is likely to become more of a toy around the house than a tool used by parents, but the durable build and brightly colored fabrics mean that this is a tent that will last. Overall, the Lil Nursery Tent will give parents peace of mind that their children are protected, and that is priceless.


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